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About This Website

This is where I post articles/guides from time to time. Feel free to browse my latest releases, fork my repositories or get in touch with me.

This website is entirely free of JavaScript and any other kind of spy and bloatware. We don't serve any biscuits - only static HTML ;)
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  • primary email: lacamera@lacamera.io GPG curl -sL https://www.lacamera.io/gpg.asc | gpg --import
  • campus email: francesco.lacamera@studmail.w-hs.de
  • GitHub (GH related only): fr9ncis


All donations will go torwards pizza, beer, and new hardware to keep this and my many other sites and projects up and running.

Donations are not required but greatly appreciated.
Use Monero if you value your privacy.

  • Bitcoin - BTC (bech32): bc1qn33dkfxm2jgn8k9du86kxshem2w5upzr5s6d3q
  • Ethereum - ETH: 0xcf8365b65fbb7b2d062881fd51e8d20824c65d09
  • Monero - XMR: 89vyHjcNweP68hPdXWJBgRMts8cFxtX2mCoEEvW9uVEnY7UZcRuz1w6NUSAwHJYuXLZJ5p6Z7cmeG999VARKAwYALbYtz79

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